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SP2 1AC[edit]


Funding for comprehensive sex education is low now—federal direction important because it sends a MESSAGE about priorities to all levels of the government.[edit]

Over the past two decades, the United States has spent approximately $2 billion AND comprehensive sex education programs that teach both abstinence and contraception as important components.

    • ====Federal action is key to coordination—status quo implementation results in a patchwork of inconsistent practices. ====**
    • JAH 16 ~~[Journal of Adolescent Health Editorial. "The State of Sex Education in the United States." Journal of Adolescent Health 58 (2016) 595-597. SH.~~]**

At the federal level, the U.S. congress has continued to substantially AND , it is no wonder that state practices are so disparate ~~[4~~].

And historically, US sex education has reinforced hegemonic forms of heteronormativity, racism, classism, and ableism. Both status quo versions of abstinence only and comprehensive sexual education entrench these paradigms by focusing on preventing sex and sexually transmitted diseases rather than investigating the complex social and political factors that influence sexuality.[edit]

While school-based sexuality education has been taught in the USA since 1913, AND do not disaggregate this group enough to be helpful (Tepper, 2005).

Status quo evidence-based sexual education policy re-entrenches a heteronormative view of gender and sexuality that has multiple impacts from a decrease in sexual health to exclusion, violence, domestic abuse and lack of sexual agency.[edit]

    • Schalet, Santelli, and Russell et al. 2014 **~~[Schalet, A.T., Santelli, J.S., Russell, S.T. et al. "Invited Commentary: Broadening the Evidence for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Education in the United States." J Youth Adolescence (2014) 43: 1595. doi:10.1007/s10964-014-0178-8. SPS.~~]

We have argued that Evidence Based Interventions often do not reflect factors that the broad AND curricula—and include tools to help students address and challenge these beliefs.

    • ====Sexuality is structured by a political culture of negativity that enforces punitive and restrictive frameworks—producing alternatives is necessary to politicize sexuality. ====**
    • Rubin 1984 ~~[Gayle S. Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies at the University of Michigan. "Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality." Pleasure and Danger. Ed. Carole Vance. **http://sites.middlebury.edu/sexandsociety/files/2015/01/Rubin-Thinking-Sex.pdf**. SH~~]**

It is impossible to think with any clarity about the politics of race or gender AND act is, the more it is depicted as a uniformly bad experience.


The United States Federal Government should increase the funding and regulation of comprehensive sexual education in elementary and secondary schools in the United States and mandate that all federal funding for sexual education meet the criteria established by the Real Education for Healthy Youth act[edit]


As Advocates for Youth explains, AND could have a broader reach than just the programs it would directly fund.

US federal sexual health policy should be scientifically based and inclusive of all marginalized students. SexEd policy that acknowledges the role that structural and contextual factors play is essential to break down the hegemonic ideologies surround sexuality in the status quo[edit]

    • Schalet, Santelli, and Russell et al. 2014 **~~[Schalet, A.T., Santelli, J.S., Russell, S.T. et al. "Invited Commentary: Broadening the Evidence for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Education in the United States." J Youth Adolescence (2014) 43: 1595. doi:10.1007/s10964-014-0178-8. SPS.~~]

US federal sexual health policy has come a long way since the introduction of AOUM AND efforts will be best positioned to promote adolescent health and well-being.

Critical pedagogy and anti-oppressive education in the context of inclusive sexual education leads to a democratic form of engagement focused on lived experiences that is capable of challenging current dominant ideologies surrounding sex and sexuality.[edit]

Two useful theoretical and practical (not that these two features are neatly separable) AND education possible in the interest of enhancing the quality of their sexual health.

Inclusive frameworks for sexual education should incorporate concepts of desire that challenge the state and the religious right’s attempts to shape educational policy. Rather than move away from the state and giving up on sexual education, we should engage in a politics of wanting that demands publicly subsidized educational, social, and interpersonal opportunities for youth. An interrogation into the way the state intersects with sexual bodies is essential to critical thinking and political action, schools and the policies that shape them are a critical starting point.[edit]

    • Fine and McClelland 2006 **~~[MICHELLE FINE and SARA McCLELLAND (2006) Sexuality Education and Desire: Still Missing after All These Years. Harvard Educational Review: September 2006, Vol. 76, No. 3, pp. 297-338. SPS.~~]

Thick desire places sexual activity for all people, regardless of age or gender, AND are dying for good conversation about sexuality, and are dying without it.


    • ====Don’t prioritize large scale spectacles of violence—everyday acts of dehumanization produce a will to violence that makes large scale conflicts possible====**
    • Kappeler 1995 ~~[Susanne. Former lecturer in English at the University of East Anglia and an Associate Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Will to Violence: The Politics of Personal Behavior. Polity Press. ISBN 0 7456 130555. Pg. at bottom~~]**

A decision to violate is not necessarily synonymous with a decision to be ‘bad’ AND attacks, of murder and destruction possible at all. 7-9

    • ====Sexuality is uniquely key to this culture of violence—sexual panics are deeply tied to the reproduction of structural violence and its ideological legitimation====**
    • Herdt 09 ~~[Gilbert. June 2009. Professor of Human Sexuality Studies and Anthropology and a Founder of the Department of Sexuality Studies and National Sexuality Resource Center at San Francisco State University. "Introduction: Moral Panics, Sexual Rights, and Cultural Anger." Moral Panics, Sex Panics: Fear and the Fight over Sexual Rights. NYU Press. SH.~~]**

Human societies across time and space often have experienced times of dread, anxiety, AND to do it, and that everyone should do it that way.10

1NC vs sp 1[edit]


Hegemony is terminally unsustainable – attempts at reanimating it make their impacts inevitable[edit]

On both sides of the Atlantic, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has AND it risks accelerated relative economic decline at home, and major conflict abroad.

By "involuntary degrowth" I mean a view of the future that the production AND are describing an unpleasant historical epoch in which death rates will be rising.

Economic contraction is key to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.[edit]

    • Alexander and Wiseman 17** - (Samuel Alexander is a research fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne, Australia, and John Wiseman is Deputy Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne and Professorial Fellow, Melbourne School of Global and Population Health, 2017, "Transitioning to a Post-Carbon Society", Chapter 4, DOA: 7-6-2017) //Snowball

Recent analysis of the global resource depletion trends, first quanti- fied 40 years AND industrial levels (see also Meinhausen et al. 2009; Macintosh 2010).

Onto Topicality[edit]

A) Interpretation: "Primary and secondary education" refers to schooling ranging from elementary to high school education[edit]

    • U.S. Department of Education 8** (International Affairs Office, U.S. Department of Education, Feb 2008. "Organization of U.S. Education: The School Level,")

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS Primary schools are called elementary schools, intermediate (upper primary AND different interests and capabilities who follow different educational tracks within the same school.

B) "Education" is prescribed classroom instruction[edit]

Education (noun): The act or process of educating; the result of educating AND education for the bar or the pulpit; he has finished his education.

C) Violation: the plan funds teaching certification programs, which are postsecondary education —[edit]

    • Putnam 81** (John F. Putnam, National Center for Education Statistics. "Postsecondary Student Terminology: A Handbook of Terms and Definitions for Describing Students in Postsecondary Education," March 1981.)

A postsecondary education institution is defined as an academic, vocational, technical, home AND FICE Report,, vol. 1, no. 3 (June 1974).

D) Prefer our interpretation:[edit]

1) Limits – allowing affirmatives to fund or regulate postsecondary education drastically and unfairly expands the negative’s research burden –[edit]

2) Ground – postsecondary education skirts the core controversy of federal vs. state regulation of schools – eliminates core generics specific to public education[edit]

Cap K[edit]

Its try or die—Capitalism’s narcissistic drive makes democratization of the market impossible—humanity is at a crossroads—the timeframe is now[edit]

Richard A. **Smith 7**, Research Associate at the Institute for Policy Research & Development, UK; PhD in History from UCLA, June 2007, "The Eco-suicidal Economics of Adam Smith," Capitalism Nature Socialism, Vol. 18, No. 2, p. 22-43 So there you have it: insatiable growth and consumption is destroying the planet and AND a practical working socialist democracy, or we face ecological and social collapse.

Voting negative refuses the affirmative in favor of Historical Materialist Pedagogy. International inequality is sutured by the unequal circulation of capital. Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary moment. Only starting from the structural antagonisms produced by wage labor can lead to transformative politics.[edit]

    • Ebert ‘9** ~~[Teresa, Associate Professor of English, State University of New York at Albany, THE TASK OF CULTURAL CRITIQUE, pp. 92-95~~]

Unlike these rewritings, which reaffirm in a somewhat new language the system of wage AND Instead, the pedagogy of critique is a worldly teaching of the worldly.

1NC vs SP2[edit]

Federalism DA[edit]

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) gave decision-making power back to the states, and shifted from educational federalism to a state-centered model.[edit]

McGuinn 2016 (Patrick, Associate Professor of Political Science at Drew University, "From No Child Left behind to the Every Student Succeeds Act: Federalism and the Education Legacy of the Obama Administration", Publius: The Journal of Federalism volume 46 number 3, pp. 392~^415, June 5^^th^^ 2016, accessed 6/9/17, jk) Political scientists Paul Peterson, Kenneth Wong, and Barry Rabe (1986) observed AND 2016). That is American federalism at work, for better or worse.

Funding with conditions prevents state action, and coerces states into certain unfair and possibly unattainable policies. The more federal intervention within a policy, the greater threat to federalism that policy is.[edit]

Lawson 2013 (Aaron, J.D. 2013, University of Michigan Law School; B.A. 2010, Gettysburg College, "Educational Federalism: A New Case for Reduced Federal Involvement in K-12 Education", Summer 2013, Volume 2013 issue 2, Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal, http://digitalcommons.law.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1333&context=elj, accessed 6/10/17, jk) As such, it remains true that in the mine run of cases it will AND be entirely ineffective. This possibility becomes more plausible as federal intervention grows.

Increased, sudden federal involvement in state education increases federal-state conflict.[edit]

McGuinn 2015 (Patrick, associate professor of political science and education at Drew University, "Schooling the State: ESEA and the Evolution of the U.S. Department of Education", The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 1(3), 77–94 (2015), Published December 17^^th^^ 2015, http://www.rsfjournal.org/doi/full/10.7758/RSF.2015.1.3.04, accessed 6/3/17, jk) This article provides an overview of the evolution of national administrative capacity and the implementation AND , these tensions are particularly illuminated and exacerbated" (1968, vii).

Federalism on sex ed threatens national unity; causes fissures in morality issues[edit]

Ross Douthat had an admirable column earlier this week arguing that, because we don’t AND prefer proximity in law-making, or e pluribus unum in culture?

Federal involvement weakens subnational government cooperation, which causes educational disparity despite any regulation that federal governments try to impose.[edit]

Hills 2013 (Roderick M. Hills Jr., a law professor at the New York University School of Law., "The Case for Educational Federalism: Protecting Educational Policy from the National Government's Diseconomies of Scale", http://scholarship.law.nd.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1042&context=ndlr, Notre Dame L. Review, 6/1/12, accessed 6/17/17, jk) The history of federal involvement in educational aid to indigent households is a history of AND using private educational providers to induce greater fidelity from local school districts.106

!!!!Maintenance of federalism key to maintain state resistance to Trump[edit]

Several progressive politicians relied on these arguments, from Barney Frank’s urging the city of AND federal government as they were when they were the ones in the wilderness.

Federalism key to maintain sanctuary cities[edit]

Cities are being defiant so far — largely because they don’t think the threat’s all AND for how to survive defunding, they can start planning a court challenge.

Trump deportation kills the economy – at least a three percent growth drop[edit]

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump built his candidacy in its early stages on the AND it doesn't include other economic effects like investment and consumption by the group.

Industrial agriculture causes inevitable food wars and collapse[edit]

    • Ehrlich & Ehrlich** 1/9/**13** (Paul R. Ehrlich (President of the Center for Conservation Biology @ Stanford University) & Anne H. Ehrlich, Professor of Biology & Senior Research Scientist in Biology @ Stanford University "Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?," http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/280/1754/20122845.full)

What is the likelihood of this set of interconnected predicaments ~~[27~~] leading to AND consumed per day or amount of meat consumed) to compensate the shortage.

States CP[edit]

The Fifty United States and all relevant territories should eliminate funding for abstinence-only sex education and fully fund sexual education programs that meet the criteria established by the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act.[edit]

Reducing the Federal Compliance Burden. In addition to creating flexibility, the policies contained AND and ensuring that funds and services are appropriately administered within formulagrant program structures.

Federal policies won’t spill over; sex education is based on the morality of the state[edit]

Liberals hated almost everything about George W. Bush’s presidency, but they harbored a AND as they are, it shouldn’t be Washington’s job to choose between them.

On Case[edit]

Poverty negatively affects sexual health.[edit]

    • Bell 09** ~~[Kelly J. Kelly J. Bell graduated in 2011 with a concentration in Psychology from Simmons College in Boston, MA. "Wake Up and Smell the Condoms: An Analysis of Sex Education Programs in the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, France, and Germany." Inquiries 2009m Vol. 1 No. 1. SH~~] Discouragingly, even if the US adopts a comprehensive sex education curriculum and funds sexual health services for youth, the entire problem will not be solved. Other major causes of poor sexual health in the US are the high poverty rates and uneven distribution of wealth (Lottes, 2002). As long as high numbers of American youth are living in poverty, US teen sexual health will continue to rate worse than that of other industrialized countries. Addressing these issues is extremely complicated and a topic that must be saved for another paper.

Low income minorities don’t receive the same sex education as their upper class peers.[edit]

Horne 15 ~~[Horne, Emily A., "Sexual Education across the United States: Are we doing it right?" (2015). Scripps Senior Theses. Paper 676. http://scholarship.claremont.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1675&context=scripps'theses pg. 11~~] Calculus BC Another large problem for sexual education is that racial minorities are less likely to receive AND worse in low-income, minority districts (Guzzo &Hayford 2012)

Comprehensive sex ed is an assimilatory tactic of cisheteropatriarchy – the progressive narrative of inclusion envelops deviant subjects into a neoliberal restructuring of the nuclear family, which only permits the biopolitical management of trans and gender non-conforming subjects.[edit]

    • Shannon 16** (Barrie Shannon, PhD Candidate at the School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia. "Comprehensive for who? Neoliberal directives in Australian ‘comprehensive’ sexuality education and the erasure of GLBTIQ identity," Sex Education, 2016)~~[discourse modified~~]*

Sameness, ‘homonormativity’ and GLBTIQ erasure Harris and Farrington (2014) and Riggs AND capability to feel ‘intimately linked’ w

1NC sp 3[edit]

Biopolitics is only possible because of labor-power, the potential for work, the faculty for value of any body, life itself is the possibility of productivity.[edit]

    • Virno 2004 (**Paolo, Professor at The University of Rome and one of those bonkers Italian dudes, "A Grammar of the Multitude, For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life", pg.81-84**)**

But let us get to the point here. The capitalistic production relation is based AND power" is not a proper noun; it is a common noun.

Voting negative refuses the affirmative in favor of Historical Materialist Pedagogy. International inequality is sutured by the unequal circulation of capital. Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary moment. Only starting from the structural antagonisms produced by wage labor can lead to transformative politics.[edit]

    • Ebert ‘9** ~~[Teresa, Associate Professor of English, State University of New York at Albany, THE TASK OF CULTURAL CRITIQUE, pp. 92-95~~]

Unlike these rewritings, which reaffirm in a somewhat new language the system of wage AND Instead, the pedagogy of critique is a worldly teaching of the worldly.

Our pedagogy has the ability to connect critical theory to practice- the academy has become the fodder of neoliberalism- we need to move past revelations and theorizing and it is your responsibility as an academic to provide a new vocabulary for engaging the social order[edit]

Increasingly, education appears useful only to those who hold political and economic power, AND trust, conviction, and courage that are vital to a substantive democracy.

Agamben also misunderstands the history of class struggle and the birth of modern democratic states[edit]

    • Colatrella 11** (Steven – taught at Bard College and the New School, and has served as Chair of the Political and Social Sciences Department at John Cabot University in Rome, and as President of the Iowa Sociological Association, "Nothing Exceptional: Against Agamben," in Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies Volume 9, Number 1, http://www.jceps.com/wp-content/uploads/PDFs/09-1-05.pdf)//BW

In failing to take into account the expropriation of the slave, the enclosure of AND , disarms the very efforts needed to protect us from the state power .

Their pessimistic and trans-historical understanding of biopolitics precludes the collectivization of study necessary for aff solvency.[edit]

But Agamben’s adoption of "biopolitics" involves a significant break with Foucault in another AND an unexplored avenue—one closed off by the problems of his historiography.